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Pitch Deck Video Guide 2022

During the current market recession, so many founders are asking what pitch deck they should prepare for investors to get funded. This is my ultimate Pitch Deck Guide for the most needed slides in 2022 and what to include there.

I want you to see the importance of keeping it short. You can't raise capital right after the pitch, but what you can do is to create an interest from investors and get invited to the next steps and more detailed conversation with them.

I covered with examples of Uber and Airbnb how to prepare the Problem slide, Solutions, Market, Competition, Unfair advantage, ask, and so much more.

Let me know what else you need, I'll try to explain it in the next video.

Please share it with other founders, and of course, I'll appreciate your support with a Like and a Subscription to my channel! Good luck with your fundraising.



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