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4 ways Desk and Room booking software can benefit your business

As hybrid work environments become the standard operating model for businesses, it brings new demands to office management. With employees working in-office on flexible schedules that are best for them, the need for permanent space for each employee is no longer required. However, that requires a system to ensure the current space can be utilized efficiently.

Companies are turning to desk and room booking software to ensure their employees have visibility into office space availability and they can easily navigate the new normal of the hybrid work environment. If your organization is having challenges with migrating to hybrid work or you are simply looking to learn more about the value of desk and room booking software, below are five of the advantages provided by the software.

Automate routine office management tasks

Without desk and room booking software, companies either must stick with permanent workspaces or use first-come first-served methods. Having permanent unused space is a high cost for organizations and allowing employees to have to sort it out between themselves provides for a high-friction environment that is not conducive to building strong relationships or cooperation. The workspace becomes expensive or manual and unorganized, impacting businesses’ bottom line and culture.

With booking software, employers can automate routine office management tasks. Employees can easily view available desks and book a spot in the office for their future schedule, eliminating the need for manual desk assignments or a permanent workspace. Similarly, the meeting room booking system allows employees to schedule open meeting rooms easily to ensure they can find the space they need to conduct business. All these features save time and increase efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations with ease instead of manually managing their space.

Make data-driven decisions on office management

While increasing productivity for employees, employers also benefit significantly from the data provided by desk and room booking software. Businesses receive real-time office usage analytics, which can help them make data-driven decisions about office space needs. Businesses can determine the most suitable days for scheduling meetings and obtain statistics on usage to re-use existing space that is not being leveraged to its full potential.

Optimize space and provide employees with choices for their work environment

Once the automation is in place and the data is analyzed, large hybrid teams can operate in smaller spaces without compromising on productivity. Teams can assess availability, plan their schedules in advance, and ensure their needs are met when they need to be in-office with a dedicated booking system. That allows teams to use the space they need while employers can optimize for environments with less space.

Reduce cost and overhead

The final advantage is directly to the bottom line of the business. By optimizing space, large offices start to become a thing of the past and businesses can significantly reduce rental costs (up to ~50%!) This reduction in rental costs can lead to significant cost savings, which can be reinvested in the business to drive growth.

The hybrid environment is here to stay. Employees need optimized workspaces and employers need tools to help support their workforce to be as productive as possible. Desk and room booking software All-in-one Hybrid Office Platform UnSpot provides businesses with exactly that. UnSpot includes a desk booking system, work scheduling, office analytics, navigation, and interactive maps.

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Jul 19, 2023

Great software to manage all office needs with ease based on the advantages described.

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