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Israel's Startup Ecosystem - Explained

Israel ranks third in the world by a number of AI and machine learning startups. The global average for early-stage startup funding is US$431 million. In Tel Aviv, the average is US$3 billion. Israel exports US$6.5 billion in cybersecurity products and services every year.

We invited Saul Orbach to discuss the main questions about Israeli's Startup Ecosystem:

- What Israel became tech ecosystem?

- What are the benefits of starting a startup from Israel for international founders?

- Government stimulus, preferences for international founders?

- Investment ecosystem for startups?

- Corporation ecosystem for a startup for potential pilots?

- What startups should go to Israel?

- What are the downsides of the Israel ecosystem for international startups?

- What first steps a founder should do first to soft-land in Israel?

- Trends in local startups and VC ecosystem?

- How does being in the Israeli ecosystem helps you reach the US market and get US VC funding

- Taxes, costs for companies and individuals?

- What about being a foreigner in Israel? Key benefits and challenges?

- How to get a grant or early funding in Israel?

Saul Orbach is a highly accomplished Venture Capitalist, Serial Entrepreneur, C-Suite Officer, and Executive, Consultant, Lecturer, Thought Leader, Board Member, and Advisor, with 33 years of extensive experience building and exiting startup and growth companies, as well as turning around failing companies. Saul is the founder of the Elul Fund, a venture fund that invests in global market opportunities. Prior to that, he worked as a Venture Partner at Starta Capital, a technology agnostic, geography-specific investor in Eastern European technology startups. Saul shares his industry experience and knowledge as a Senior Adjunct Lecturer in the Technion, Hebrew University, and the Tel Aviv University MBA programs and is a popular speaker and guest lecturer at conferences, universities, and other events, as well as a sought after high-level advisor.



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