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How to enter China Market for a Gaming Startup?

China market, as a fast-constant growing market in gaming, has attracted more and more western companies to set up and expand their China reach.

With a contribution of $45.6 billion in revenues, China is by far the primary driver in Asia-Pacific regions which is the biggest region by game revenues, taking up around 26% of the Global Games Market in 2021. Owing to its massively mobile-first games, it was less impacted by COVID-19 in 2020 and indeed was a reverse growth upon that. There are more opportunities than challenges here though the Chinese government has lifted more strict rules in the market, which it becomes a major concern for most companies.

Upon the major impact of both Apple’s removal of IDFA policy and China’s strict policy in ISBN & Anti-addiction, Cherry Chen, Co-Founder of ESIGAME LIMITED, would love to share insights into how to enter China market by specifying its process, reasonable business terms, tips on finding the right partner.

Watch video here

1 comment

1 Comment

Danil Kislinskiy
Danil Kislinskiy
Mar 19, 2022

Gaming startups might have a lot of potential in China, if entered right.

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