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Cloud Economics for Startups

Cloud Economics for business is a big deal when it comes to costs. Some startups at an early stage don't realize that cloud can quickly run out of their money just simply because of incorrect use or wrong settings. How to make it right and avoid huge bills from cloud providers? We invited the expert to discuss it.

He covered:

- Why do you have to be in the clouds (with some very specific exceptions)?

- How to manage clouds costs properly – and get your team on board with it – what`s cloud total cost of ownership contain?

- How does cloud economics works (also, how CAPEX to OPEX switch changes financial models)?

- Cloud financial management & cost intelligence: FinOps?

- What does it all mean at different stages of your business – and for your investors?

Viacheslav Bessonov, Co-Founder and CEO at Hilbert Team, is an IT professional with a unique combination of software engineering and infrastructure design in high-load industries - from bare metal to multi-clouds. He founded Hilbert Team to offer turn-key solutions in the Clouds/DevOps space. Hilbert Team is a Clouds & DevOps Studio for growth startups and businesses, providing turn-key solutions in clouds and DevOps.

1 comment

1 Comment

Danil Kislinskiy
Danil Kislinskiy
Dec 27, 2021

I like the clarification about the role of FinOps. It can really change how companies approach cloud infrastructure and costs.

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