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Sales as a Service in the USA

$10 000

Sales as a Service in the USA:

- Your Sales Team on the ground in the USA

- Experienced American-born sales reps with

- B2B Tech Sales experience and closing large leads in the past

- You supply the targets, they go and close

(additionally, we can provide SDR service to search and qualify leads)

- Success fee / Revenue Share model. No Salary or monthly payment is required. You will pay only when our sales success. If they don't sell you owe us zero.

- To start, we need to assess the complexity of a sale during a quick zoom call

- And we take a reasonable one-time setup fee.

1 warm intro and a video call - $2 000

10 warm intros and video calls - $10 000 (50% discount, you save $10 000)

Don't waste your time on endless cold outreach and work with those who are truly interested leads in your services.

[ 10% OFF for premium plan subscribers on annual plan. ]

[ Get a extra 10 free warm intros with $30k purchase or more ]

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