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Welcome to Go Global World

Go Global World is a free English speaking community for entrepreneurs to connect globally to get them closer to global capital, customers, and like-minded people.

For New Members, how to join Go Global World. Follow these simple steps and rules of the group:

1. No Ads, no Spam, respect each other.

2. Let others to know you! If you just joined, please introduce yourself, and share what you are looking to get from the community for your business and how you can help the community and its members.

For example, One founder needs developers and the other can share developers = good match, one founder needs to incorporate in Delaware and the other founder knows how to do it and ready to help for free, etc.

The goal is that we all help each other to move each one’s business to the next step going global without expecting anything in return right away and know when need you will get help too. It's not easy, but together we can do it.

3. Be helpful to your peers! We also may help each other with traction becoming customers of each other, but it should not be ads. Traction is what investors are looking for. So some founders may become your early adopters / non-paying b2b users if they agree. But BE careful, no spam or ads.

4. Community members need to join all social media of the community:

Subscribe to the Facebook page of Go Global World to follow our global updates and opportunities:

Subscribe to the Facebook GROUP of Go Global World:

and select the group of your country, for example,

Go Global Russia, Go Global Belarus, Go Global Armenia, Go Global Ukraine, Go Global United States of America, and more ...

Subscribe GGW Telegram Channel:

Subscribe to all social media here:

Go Global World community webinars and events can be accessed here:

4. Let your friends know about the community! We a free community with zero marketing budget, therefore you help the community a lot when you spread the word about us, the events and videos posted, and when you invite more entrepreneurs. So please share events, videos from YouTube, like it, and leave your comments. It all helps to gain more visibility and get noticed in searches so that we can bring more bright entrepreneurs like you are and let them benefit from community strength and it’s global scale.

5. Speak only English in the chat. International founders and VC may join our group to get to know you ;-).

6. You may share your pitch deck here and I and/or other experts/investors will give you feedback:

7. If you would like to become a startup mentor and you have mentorship experience, we will be glad you join our team of mentors and advisors to help startups:

8. If you look for co-founders or need employees to hire for equity, post your jobs in this group:

As a member, you can enjoy one extra benefit. Register fast to all of our future events. If you completed all those steps above and fully answered questions at least during one webinar registration, we will send you a secret code via email, so you can use a hidden ticket for Members Fast Registration.

Thank you all for becoming members and sharing our mission to Going Global together. Remember, I want to keep this community free for all, so any help to me and our community is welcome and highly appreciated. I am committed to make Silicon Valley closer to you through my big network of entrepreneurs and investors there. Let's make more founders Going Global and achieve real results for you - our members.

Danil Kislinskiy

Founder of Go Global World

All inquires at



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