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[Webinar] "Start of the CustDev - Customer Discovery Hacking Tactics" by Ilya Puhov

Hi, GoGlobers! We have published the webinar and we recommend that you definitely watch it if you are going to enter foreign markets. Because here we are talking not only about the methodology of CustDev, but substantively about the issues that arise before, during preparation and after the process of CustDev. And most importantly, about the peculiarities of its holding in foreign markets.

Starting CustDev it is important to understand not only how to prepare it correctly, but also what the next steps will be.

CustDev - everything you need to come from 0 to a repeatable profitable and scalable business model. There are 4 stage:

  • Customer Discovery (this is what we are talking about today) - Here we validate the hypothesis, test, synchronize the vision. Who are your clients, where can you find them, what is important to them? Is there a problem that we think they have, is it often encountered, can we assess the economic benefit and what solutions already exist to solve the problem.

  • Customer Validation - Here you need to make the first sales somehow. People from interviews can be the basis for the first sales, we can already make them an offer, presentation, etc, because we already have a contact and know what do they actually need, than we can set up a stream of similar client persons.

  • Сustomer Сreation - build a profitable sales model CAC = 0.2 * LTV. The stage when we create sustainable demand.

  • Сompany Building - hire and scale.

Most of you know how the Custom Discovery process works, how to prepare and conduct problem interviews, how to analyze data and what to do with it. Nevertheless, Ilya spoke about such important nuances as, for example, setting a task for market research and told with examples how this can affect the result.

But most importantly, Ilya provided information and spoke in detail about 4 real cases. Where he showed, using different examples of market type, niche, customer persona and problem hypothesis, what communication channels and approach they used to find and attract respondents for problem interviews and sales.

From the webinar, you will also learn about non-obvious channels of attracting respondents, about the nuances and risks of using each of them, which of them can be automated and how to increase conversions in interviews. Please watch and share this webinar with your network contacts to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs who may need it to learn more about this topic.


And I would like to add a short speech from the webinar from Danil Kislinsky:

"Building long-term, trusting relationships is much more important than selling here and now. Old school, quick sales, and profit don't work anymore. Your reputation, networking and building reliable relationships with future clients and partners affect retention much more effectively. Play a long term strategy."



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