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Types And Importance Of Copywriting In E-Commerce

Hi, GoGlobers!

Danil Chernukha from is here. Today we’re going to talk about Copywriting (or copy) in the E-Commerce niche. For some reason, many entrepreneurs and marketers don’t pay enough attention to this important part of any type of ad campaign and then their own profit suffers from this.

Of course, sometimes you just put a CTA (Call To Action) under your ad creative and see the ROAS going up, but in most cases, it is not enough.

There is no “100% profit” formula, everything is checked by testing and only in this way, but we’ve designed some patterns which could help you to write your texts with less effort and more easily find a connection with your target audience.

Now let’s describe some types of copy we use in our work!

Just a CTA (with a special offer if you have)

It is a still working pattern for some products. You just make an ad creative and in primary text write something like:


Go to our website and place an order right now!

Here are some examples:

So, the main copy structure is:

  • Offer

  • CTA

If you want, you can add 1 short sentence about your company or product.

Many businesses use this type of copy and stay happy, but sometimes it’s not enough and your potential clients want to learn more about your product.

Here are another three types which might solve this issue:

Quite “technical” text with your product benefits and characteristics

Here you write some characteristics and benefits of your product, no matter if it’s clothes, kitchen appliances, or car parts.

Here are some examples:

The main text structure is:

  • Headline

  • Benefits/characteristics

  • Special offer (if you have)

  • CTA

As you can see, you just describe the best sides of your product and give detailed information about it.

AIDA model

Old, but gold, isn’t it? I think that you’ve already heard about it but for those who don’t, I’m going to explain a little bit.

When you write using the AIDA model your copy consists of 4 parts:

Attention - Tell about your product and get the customer’s attention

Interest - Tell more about your product and benefits to get customers more interested

Desire - Some special offers

Action - Call to action

It doesn’t mean that you need to write 4 long paragraphs (we'll talk further about long-reads). Sometimes 1 paragraph can contain 2 model parts, sometimes you can omit one part, etc. It really depends on the product. But the basic structure must be observed and its essence must remain unchanged.

There are some examples:

The AIDA is not the only one model of creating copy and of course you can also use such formulas as BAB (Before – After – Bridge), PAS (Problem – Agitate – Solution) or anything else. It was just an example of how we work in our agency and what we prefer. It's up to you which model to choose, because anyway they are quite similar and have a common goal.

Long reads

Now let’s talk about long reads. It’s quite a controversial type of copy and there is no certain structure.

You can write it using the AIDA model, but stretch each part into 2-3 paragraphs (without making the text boring).

You can add some customer reviews or some scientific research.

You can write a story tale (real or not) from a customer’s point of view.

Of course, you can add your product benefits and combine all the types we’ve described earlier.

The main goal is to make your copy interesting to read and don’t add unnecessary information which will make your potential client boring.

All the information you write must be related to each other and to your product.

Usually, we use this type of copy in some kinds of new or complicated products to acquaint the potential client with the product in detail and overcome all his doubts.

Here are some examples


So, as you can see, every described type of copy has the right to exist and could help you to create a profitable campaign. As we’ve said earlier, everything depends on your product, target audience, landing page etc. and you just need to find the suitable method for your business via tests.

Now we’re preparing another big article about copywriting methodology where we are going to describe in details how to make a profitable copy, what do you need to know to do this and introduce some of our life hacks.

I hope that this article was useful. If you have any questions we’ll be glad to answer them in the comments


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