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[Recurring Event] Pitch trainings with experts in the field of public speaking, networking and sales

Hello, GoGlobers!

Twice a month, we conduct pitch trainings with experts in the field of public speaking, networking and sales to give you an additional opportunity to pump in pitching not only in terms of preparation and structure of your content, but also to work out and improve important nuances from the point of view of sales psychology, communication and oratory.

Firstly, at pitching you are not even selling a business idea, you are selling yourself - because the purpose of the deal at this stage is to get the investor's attention and interest in your person. It is you who in your pitching express the full potential for the development of your business and team. There are a huge number of rules and life hacks in public speaking, knowing and practicing which you can multiply the ability to keep the focus of attention on your information and increase the chances of winning the attention of your future investor, develop your communication skills, connections in the industry and your personal brand.

The experts who conduct training sessions are deeply immersed in the specifics of not just public speaking, but sales and pitching.

Sergey Rogachev

Public Speaking Expert. Developing the skills needed for public speaking and mass selling. Pitcher, motivational speaker. Author of the speaker training program “All the money on stage”. Author of the book "Coaching: Business Applications". Work experience 23 years

Vyacheslav Stavitsky

CBDO, expert in networking and sales (12 years), economist, coach, publicist, book author, developer of training programs in sales, psychology and employee motivation, speaker.

The next session will be held on March 2 at 19:00 Moscow time in Russian.

In the future, we are preparing a program for an English-speaking audience and will announce it very soon :)


In order to register for the training, you must fill out the google form

And register for the event using the link



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