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Pitching with Confidence

Walid O. El Cheikh, the Author of Pitching For Life joined us from Lapland, Finland to speak about the latest technics in pitching.

We started with his story about how he got into pitching then Willie empowered the audience with specific tools and clarification on "What is pitching?", "How to present with confidence?", "What is the winning mindset?", "How to design the content of a pitch?", "How to deliver a good pitch?" "How to pitch anything to anyone?", "Why it is important to master the 8 seconds pitch?"

For me personally pitching applies to all aspects of life, in business and in social situations. Either you ask someone to merry you or go to a bar with you or you are presenting then you add some arguments and then ask something. That's basically a pitch.

I liked it especially because he gave us clear tools on how to structure and deliver a great elevator pitch for 8 Seconds and 60 seconds. As you may imagine both are challenging tasks for founders.

The main rule: Practice it! Some say pitching is like your weapon. But I think Pitching is like your "tooth brash" that you use every day.
Key pillars of a good Pitch: Clarity, Simlicity, Specificity, Differentiation
Pitching is a stratigic way of communication. It structures your thoughts so the listener will not fall out.

Willy also share the main tool to pitch anything:

To learn more watch the full episode with Willie on our youtube channel "Go Global world". Support us with a like, subscription, and repost!

On his website, you can find many useful tools at

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