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[New Event] DATA ANALYTICS FOR STARTUPS | 500 Startups Alumni series

Hey GoGlobers! We are happy to announce the next webinar with 500 Startups Alumni that will be about DATA ANALYTICS FOR STARTUPS!


On the webinar Danil Kislinkiy and Kate Seledets together with Michail Rumyantsev will speak about the following questions:

  • Why does data analytics matter?

  • How to use data analytics to determine MVP and determine product/market fit?

  • The tools you need to master your company's metrics?

  • How to set KPIs and goals?

  • How to define a key metric for your company? Why is data democratization critical to your startup?

Please meet a new speaker!

Mikhail Rumyantsev, entrepreneur and investor specializing in SaaS, data, and AI. Mikhail founded FriendlyData, backed by 500 Startups (Batch 20). FriendlyData was acquired by ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) in 2018. Mikhail Rumyantsev is currently CEO of Narrative BI, which creates a data analytics platform for business people and invests in tech startups that are transforming businesses through network effects data transmission and artificial intelligence. Michael also runs a company builder and invests in tech startups that change enterprise with data-network effects and AI.

Featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 - Technology 2019 list.

As usual, we will provide 45 min for chatting and questions so you will have the opportunity to ask your questions!

The event will take place on April 8 at 19:00 (UTC+3) in Russian language.

Register by the link here

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Danil Kislinskiy
Danil Kislinskiy
23 mars 2021

I guess most of startups do their analytics just by following their gut feelings. But let's take it serious and see how one of the successful entrepreneurs took the right level and built multimillion dollar business.

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