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How to create a killer go-to-market strategy by Steve Barsh, Dreamit Ventures

Founders do not always correctly answer the question about their strategy for entering the market. And confuse this concept with a sales strategy or marketing strategy. Investors need to hear the clear targeting criteria: who will buy your product at an early stage, who will get the most value and whether the pricing model is suitable for the customer. And more importantly, the pain points are solved in a great and efficient way by that product.

Because this is all about getting revenue and traction as early as possible with great customers that fit your value proposition, your business model, and other characteristics.

Steve suggests targeting such clients who will give a quick and clear result. He compares this strategy with fishing. Instead of spending 12-18 months "catching” the largest customers, focus on those who are closer and more accessible. Entrepreneurs who try to get and can't close “those big fish” then die trying. So when you think about your litmus test when you think about your "fish finder", you're looking for markets, segments, and customers. Focusing on the right type of customers is going to bring shorter sales cycles, faster adoption, and stronger growth.

You need to pull your boat up to where the fish are practically jumping in.


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