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How to create a killer competition slide for VC investors by Steve Barsh, Dreamit Ventures

The most common mistake of entrepreneurs in their pitch - making not in-depth competitor analysis. If investors find the competitors that you haven’t mentioned, by a simple quick search in Google, it calls you out on it. So, don't avoid detailed competitor analysis.

Steve Barsh recommends showing your analysis in a table and grid format.

  • List first yourself and your main competitors from left to right in the table columns in priority order.

  • And your benefits in the rows in order of importance to the customer.

  • Don't use quality meanings, use quantity.

  • If you are faster, show how much faster.

  • Do not fill in the entire table “x”, leave empty cells.

  • Make your chart cleaner and easy to understand.

Show not only the benefits of the product but also benefits in other areas. Such as business model, service, strategies, anything that makes you different from the competitors.

This approach will impress your investors and highlight your differences and benefits for everyone, investors or customers.


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