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How and when to use a flashback pitch deck on investors by Steve Barsh, Dreamit Ventures

Usually, you have a limited amount of time to present your idea to investors. And if your startup has significant traction, you may use a special “hook” by Steve Barsh to get the attention of investors from the first minute of your pitch.

"Flashback pitch" is a technique that compels the key points of your deck on the second slide “Snapchat summary” in one sentence for each point.

This can be a problem, ARR, MRR, solution, revenue, market, goals, key customers, site subscriptions, or other interaction with the target audience that affects the final revenue.

This "flashback pitch" can be compared to a method in a movie, where from the very beginning they put the end of the film, and then develop in detail the events that led to such an ending.

Traction is the heart of every startup and this is the most interesting in the hearing of investors. So, if you don’t talk about traction in the first few minutes, investors could think that you probably don’t have any.


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