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From Go Global World With Love

Today is the Saint Valentine’s day – and we thought it could be a good reason to share our feelings and plans for this year with the world. Here are a few feedbacks and wishes from some of our global leaders from different countries. They all answer two simple questions:

1. What did 2020 bring to you as to a Go global world community leader?

2. What are your plans and wishes to our community for 2021?

Vilma Khmaladze, Leader @Go Global World USA

2020 in Go Global World gave me a pleasure to meet knowledgeable, skillful, creative, friendly, passionate entrepreneurs around the globe.

I wish our community to grow and glow in 2021! Become one of the main startup communities worldwide!

Dmitry Khanin, Leader @Go Global World Australia

Go Global World community has brought to me new friends, ideas and projects. My mind is now embracing the whole globe and I like this feeling.

As for 2021, I encourage everybody including myself to continue developing your common strategy and focus on our main goal - equal opportunities for startups despite the borders of countries. Wish everyone to be active and take part to make our community better and better! :)

Dmitry Prasolov, Leader @Go Global World Ukraine

Although 2020 was a complicated year, it has connected me to Danil Kislinsky and I became a part of the Go global world community. Thanks to that, now I have a lot of good friends among the community leaders, speakers and startups.

As for 2021, I’m planning to expand my network and to help as many startups as I can. I want to become a startup mentor, and also – to launch and develop a couple of startups with partners inside Go Global World.

I wish we could become the world’s first startup-ecosystem that helps to start and develop businesses. Hope we can expand our team and cover all countries – including Arctica and Antarctica. By the way, I’m already in touch with a few penguins from there 😊

Anna Pavlova, Community Founder’s Assistant & Operational Leader, Russia

Go Global World 2020 has brought me incredible experiences with interesting people with whom I've grown professionally. The community helps bring out all of your capabilities, aspirations, and helps channel them in the right direction.

My plans are to further develop the community, its visibility and brand. I would like people to help each other more and more, to communicate and to enter international markets. Wish there would be no borders for business and communication between people.

Nօrayr Margaryan, Leader @Go Global World Armenia

Thanks to Go Global World I met great people and developed my global network during 2020 year.

I hope Go Global World will eventually transform into a huge global community for startups!

Darina Khanina, Leader @Go Global World Israel

When I first heard about the Go Global World community from Danil, I was amazed and fascinated by the idea. For less than one year this idea has united hundreds of great people from all over the world. For me personally it’s a great honor to be part of this community. The Go Global World has opened new horizons for me, as well as brought new friends and ideas.

The community is our baby – and I wish him to grow, make mistakes, fix it and go forward no matter what. Hope in a few years there will be a worldwide GoGlobers net, who are changing the world and making in better every day!



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