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$5 500


Retool is the fast way to build internal tools.

Visually design apps that interface with any database or API. Switch to code nearly anywhere to customize how your apps look and work. With Retool, you ship more apps and move your business forward—all in less time. Thousands of teams at companies like Amazon, DoorDash, Peloton, and Brex collaborate around custom-built Retool apps to solve internal workflows.

To learn more, visit

Retool Offer Details for Float Startups:

$5,500 credits for Retool Cloud version (Team or Business plan) for 1 year

$200k+ in discounts, perks, and credits in the Retool for Startups Deal Book

You're eligible if you:

- Were founded less than 5 years ago

- Have raised no more than $10M USD in total funding

- Not an existing Retool customer

Contact us at to get the perk

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