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Over 4,400 forward-thinking companies use Lattice to develop engaged and high-performing teams, even when everyone is remote. Our core solutions include:

- Performance management and feedback

- OKRs and Goals

- Employee engagement surveys and analysis

- Growth and career development planning

Lattice is beautifully designed and centered around the employee's experience: they should love using our platform.

At the same time, Lattice allows an HR admin to customize the platform (performance reviews, engagement surveys, 1:1's, etc.) to fit their unique philosophy.

See more details on their website.

Contact us at to get 10% OFF

**Referred companies get 10% off with an annual contract.**

Additional terms:

  • Lattice currently has a $4,000 minimum per contract regardless of the deal/discount

  • Only applies to new customers and their first year of Lattice

Example: *A company of 100 people is interested in Lattice's Performance + Engagement suite ($12 per person, per month) for an annual contract.*

100 seats x $12 per person x 12 months = ~$14,400~ with the discount $12,960

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